dilleniid dicot genus

genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
Hypernyms: ↑dicot genus, ↑magnoliopsid genus
Capparis, ↑genus Capparis, ↑genus Cleome, ↑Cleome, ↑Crateva, ↑genus Crateva, ↑Polanisia, ↑genus Polanisia, ↑Aethionema, ↑genus Aethionema, ↑Alliaria, ↑genus Alliaria, ↑Alyssum, ↑genus Alyssum, ↑Anastatica, ↑genus Anastatica, ↑Arabidopsis, ↑genus Arabidopsis, ↑Arabis, ↑genus Arabis, ↑Armoracia, ↑genus Armoracia, ↑Barbarea, ↑genus Barbarea, ↑Berteroa, ↑genus Berteroa, ↑Biscutella, ↑genus Biscutella, ↑Brassica, ↑genus Brassica, ↑Cakile, ↑genus Cakile, ↑Camelina, ↑genus Camelina, ↑false flax, ↑Capsella, ↑genus Capsella, ↑Cardamine, ↑genus Cardamine, ↑Dentaria, ↑genus Dentaria, ↑Cheiranthus, ↑genus Cheiranthus, ↑Cochlearia, ↑genus Cochlearia, ↑Crambe, ↑genus Crambe, ↑Descurainia, ↑genus Descurainia, ↑Diplotaxis, ↑genus Diplotaxis, ↑genus Draba, ↑Eruca, ↑genus Eruca, ↑Erysimum, ↑genus Erysimum, ↑genus Heliophila, ↑Hesperis, ↑genus Hesperis, ↑Hugueninia, ↑genus Hugueninia, ↑Iberis, ↑genus Iberis, ↑Isatis, ↑genus Isatis, ↑Lepidium, ↑genus Lepidium, ↑Lesquerella, ↑genus Lesquerella, ↑Lobularia, ↑genus Lobularia, ↑Lunaria, ↑genus Lunaria, ↑Malcolmia, ↑genus Malcolmia, ↑Matthiola, ↑genus Matthiola, ↑Nasturtium, ↑genus Nasturtium, ↑Physaria, ↑genus Physaria, ↑Pritzelago, ↑genus Pritzelago, ↑Raphanus, ↑genus Raphanus, ↑Rorippa, ↑genus Rorippa, ↑genus Schizopetalon, ↑Sinapis, ↑genus Sinapis, ↑genus Sisymbrium, ↑Stanleya, ↑genus Stanleya, ↑Stephanomeria, ↑genus Stephanomeria, ↑Subularia, ↑genus Subularia, ↑Thlaspi, ↑genus Thlaspi, ↑Thysanocarpus, ↑genus Thysanocarpus, ↑Turritis, ↑genus Turritis, ↑Vesicaria, ↑genus Vesicaria, ↑Papaver, ↑genus Papaver, ↑genus Argemone, ↑genus Bocconia, ↑Chelidonium, ↑genus Chelidonium, ↑Corydalis, ↑genus Corydalis, ↑Dendromecon, ↑genus Dendromecon, ↑Eschscholtzia, ↑genus Eschscholtzia, ↑Glaucium, ↑genus Glaucium, ↑Hunnemannia, ↑genus Hunnemania, ↑Macleaya, ↑genus Macleaya, ↑Meconopsis, ↑genus Meconopsis, ↑Platystemon, ↑genus Platystemon, ↑Romneya, ↑genus Romneya, ↑Sanguinaria, ↑genus Sanguinaria, ↑Stylomecon, ↑genus Stylomecon, ↑Stylophorum, ↑genus Stylophorum, ↑Fumaria, ↑genus Fumaria, ↑Adlumia, ↑genus Adlumia, ↑Dicentra, ↑genus Dicentra, ↑genus Loasa, ↑Mentzelia, ↑genus Mentzelia, ↑Malva, ↑genus Malva, ↑Abelmoschus, ↑genus Abelmoschus, ↑Abutilon, ↑genus Abutilon, ↑Alcea, ↑genus Alcea, ↑genus Althaea, ↑Callirhoe, ↑genus Callirhoe, ↑Gossypium, ↑genus Gossypium, ↑genus Hibiscus, ↑Hoheria, ↑genus Hoheria, ↑Iliamna, ↑genus Iliamna, ↑Kosteletzya, ↑genus Kosteletzya, ↑Lavatera, ↑genus Lavatera, ↑Malacothamnus, ↑genus Malacothamnus, ↑genus Malope, ↑Malvastrum, ↑genus Malvastrum, ↑Malvaviscus, ↑genus Malvaviscus, ↑Napaea, ↑genus Napaea, ↑genus Pavonia, ↑Plagianthus, ↑genus Plagianthus, ↑Radyera, ↑genus Radyera, ↑Sida, ↑genus Sida, ↑Sidalcea, ↑genus Sidalcea, ↑Sphaeralcea, ↑genus Sphaeralcea, ↑Thespesia, ↑genus Thespesia, ↑Bombax, ↑genus Bombax, ↑Adansonia, ↑genus Adansonia, ↑Ceiba, ↑genus Ceiba, ↑Durio, ↑genus Durio, ↑genus Montezuma, ↑Ochroma, ↑genus Ochroma, ↑Pseudobombax, ↑genus Pseudobombax, ↑Elaeocarpus, ↑genus Elaeocarpus, ↑Aristotelia, ↑genus Aristotelia, ↑Muntingia, ↑genus Muntingia, ↑Sloanea, ↑genus Sloanea, ↑genus Sterculia, ↑Brachychiton, ↑genus Brachychiton, ↑Cola, ↑genus Cola, ↑genus Dombeya, ↑Firmiana, ↑genus Firmiana, ↑Fremontodendron, ↑genus Fremontodendron, ↑Fremontia, ↑genus Fremontia, ↑Helicteres, ↑genus Helicteres, ↑Heritiera, ↑genus Heritiera, ↑Terrietia, ↑genus Terrietia, ↑Hermannia, ↑genus Hermannia, ↑Pterospermum, ↑genus Pterospermum, ↑Tarrietia, ↑genus Tarrietia, ↑Theobroma, ↑genus Theobroma, ↑Triplochiton, ↑genus Triplochiton, ↑Tilia, ↑genus Tilia, ↑Entelea, ↑genus Entelea, ↑Corchorus, ↑genus Corchorus, ↑Grewia, ↑genus Grewia, ↑Sparmannia, ↑genus Sparmannia, ↑genus Erica, ↑genus Andromeda, ↑genus Arbutus, ↑Arctostaphylos, ↑genus Arctostaphylos, ↑Bruckenthalia, ↑genus Bruckenthalia, ↑genus Bryanthus, ↑Calluna, ↑genus Calluna, ↑Cassiope, ↑genus Cassiope, ↑Chamaedaphne, ↑genus Chamaedaphne, ↑Daboecia, ↑genus Daboecia, ↑Epigaea, ↑genus Epigaea, ↑Gaultheria, ↑genus Gaultheria, ↑Gaylussacia, ↑genus Gaylussacia, ↑genus Kalmia, ↑Ledum, ↑genus Ledum, ↑Leiophyllum, ↑genus Leiophyllum, ↑genus Leucothoe, ↑Loiseleuria, ↑genus Loiseleuria, ↑Lyonia, ↑genus Lyonia, ↑Menziesia, ↑genus Menziesia, ↑Oxydendrum, ↑genus Oxydendrum, ↑Phyllodoce, ↑genus Phyllodoce, ↑Pieris, ↑genus Pieris, ↑genus Rhododendron, ↑subgenus Azalea, ↑Azaleastrum, ↑subgenus Azaleastrum, ↑Vaccinium, ↑genus Vaccinium, ↑genus Diapensia, ↑genus Galax, ↑Pyxidanthera, ↑genus Pyxidanthera, ↑genus Shortia, ↑genus Epacris, ↑Astroloma, ↑genus Astroloma, ↑Richea, ↑genus Richea, ↑Styphelia, ↑genus Styphelia, ↑genus Pyrola, ↑Orthilia, ↑genus Orthilia, ↑Chimaphila, ↑genus Chimaphila, ↑Moneses, ↑genus Moneses, ↑Monotropa, ↑genus Monotropa, ↑Hypopitys, ↑genus Hypopitys, ↑Sarcodes, ↑genus Sarcodes, ↑genus Begonia, ↑genus Dillenia, ↑Hibbertia, ↑genus Hibbertia, ↑Calophyllum, ↑genus Calophyllum, ↑genus Clusia, ↑Garcinia, ↑genus Garcinia, ↑Hypericum, ↑genus Hypericum, ↑Mammea, ↑genus Mammea, ↑Mesua, ↑genus Mesua, ↑Actinidia, ↑genus Actinidia, ↑genus Canella, ↑Carica, ↑genus Carica, ↑Caryocar, ↑genus Caryocar, ↑Cistus, ↑genus Cistus, ↑genus Helianthemum, ↑Hudsonia, ↑genus Hudsonia, ↑Shorea, ↑genus Shorea, ↑Flacourtia, ↑genus Flacourtia, ↑Dovyalis, ↑genus Dovyalis, ↑Hydnocarpus, ↑genus Hydnocarpus, ↑Taraktagenos, ↑genus Taraktagenos, ↑Taraktogenos, ↑genus Taraktogenos, ↑genus Idesia, ↑Kiggelaria, ↑genus Kiggelaria, ↑genus Xylosma, ↑Fouquieria, ↑genus Fouquieria, ↑Ochna, ↑genus Ochna, ↑Passiflora, ↑genus Passiflora, ↑genus Reseda, ↑Tamarix, ↑genus Tamarix, ↑Myricaria, ↑genus Myricaria, ↑Viola, ↑genus Viola, ↑Hybanthus, ↑genus Hybanthus, ↑Hymenanthera, ↑genus Hymenanthera, ↑Melicytus, ↑genus Melicytus, ↑Santalum, ↑genus Santalum, ↑genus Buckleya, ↑Comandra, ↑genus Comandra, ↑Eucarya, ↑genus Eucarya, ↑Fusanus, ↑genus Fusanus, ↑Pyrularia, ↑genus Pyrularia, ↑Loranthus, ↑genus Loranthus, ↑Arceuthobium, ↑genus Arceuthobium, ↑Nuytsia, ↑genus Nuytsia, ↑Viscum, ↑genus Viscum, ↑Phoradendron, ↑genus Phoradendron, ↑genus Camellia
Member Holonyms: ↑Dilleniidae, ↑subclass Dilleniidae

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